Moriah Youth Outreach

The Moriah Church is located in a small town in Casey IL.
Their mission is to service their community. One way they do this is through their youth ministry.
The church sponsors two different youth groups.

PATHFINDERS (k-6th grade)
Pathfinders meets once a week offering a nutritious meal, bible filled lesson, small group times and games.
They also have a bus available to bring the children back and forth to the church.

QUEST (7th-12th grade)
Quest also meets once a week and offers a meal. The church owns a building in the downtown area, where they meet.
Even though they don’t start their meeting until 6pm, they allow the kids to come after school is let out.
There are video games available and the teens are allowed to gather and socialize.
The meetings are focused around dynamic biblical lessons with real-life applications.
What makes this program SO amazing is that the majority of the children serviced are NOT members of the Moriah Church! 
In fact, many of the kids do not attend any church on a regular basis.
In September 2019, however, after a great lesson led by the youth pastor, 12 teens came to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior and were later baptized.